Coming out
of a great economic depression, the United States experienced tremendous growth
in the 1950s. This tremendous growth provided many with the opportunity to buy
more, pursue new music, develop as fashion icons, and make advances in
technology. It was also a time for political conflict. The war on communism
divided many American communities. The 1950s was also the start of the civil
right movement, which sought to bring those opportunities available to everyone
else to the minority community. On the heels of a world war, economic growth in
the United States provided new opportunities to many; but all of this was
undermined by a struggle for equality and political identity.     

Many historians use the word “Boom” to describe the growth of the
1950’s, baby boom being the most popular. The record number of approximately 4
million babies born each year in the 50’s. After the 6-year war people were
eager to start a family in the United States because the war was finally over
and peace was finally here. In
many ways, they were right. The economy boomed. The government spending had a
lot to do with this starting with the construction of interstate highways,
building of new schools and new technologies like computers–all contributed to
the decade’s economic growth. With unemployment rates averaging around 5% and
low inflation rates the middle-class people had more money to spend and,
because the availability of consumer goods expanded along with the economy,
they also had more things to buy.

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1950’s was the rebellious era of rock and roll genre with some of the most
iconic artists and songs of the century, one in specific, Elvis Presley.  



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