As through the last lonely clouds. Soon, the stars

As they boarded the plane, the sunset filled the sky with the deep colour of rubies, setting the clouds ablaze. The plane smelled like decaying bodies leaving a ghastly aroma on the taste buds. The lackadaisical stewardesses snatched the boarding tickets, as they felt like there was an air of melancholy surrounding them wishing they didn’t have to leave. The plane was sombre with no vibrant colours at all. There was a faint muffled sound of the pilot yakking, away as the plane overflowed with people. It looked like everyone had drowned in a sea of sadness, heartache and grief. The aeroplane soared off, as the wind howled rattling the overhead lockers. The pale glow of the moon began to peek through the last lonely clouds. Soon, the stars danced graciously in the moonlit sky like scattered fairy dust in the sky. The smell of grease wafted through the plane, as everyone knew what was coming next-food. Contained in a plastic container the food comes out tasteless, tough and stale which is the worst part of any flight.  A loud whaling sound pierced their eardrums, as the minuscule baby cried her lungs out for food. The best part of their flight would be-the landing!The mood in the air was serene, as everyone was settled down to sleep. Until the plane began to jerk up and down as if a child was bouncing on a trampoline. The mood was killed instantly and instead of serene, panic began to fill the air.  The smell of vomit overwhelmed the passengers as the seatbelt signs were switched on instantly. The turbulence didn’t stop, they just felt like they were on a never-ending roller coaster. The stewardess was scrambling around trying to calm everyone down, even though they knew it wouldn’t work. The look on their faces was like they had seen the devil, something that they would never forget-suddenly everything stopped. Rays off light poked through the darkness of the night. Golden light dribbled over the land, like syrup on pancakes.  The sun had everyone in awe making them forget about the worst flight they’ve had. Fragments of clouds gradually scattered across the sky forming a sea of snow but there were still the toilets. The plane toilets were almost as lousy as the food. The putrid smell of faeces lingers in the air with a slight smell of lemon air fresher. The toilets fester with dehydrated puddles of urine which could make anyone feel ill. The mirror was minuscule, no bigger than an iPad. It was covered in oily fingerprints like an artist splashes paint on a canvas. The white light buzzed making the atmosphere feel eerie and chilling.Emerging through the clouds you could the roads hemmed with houses and buildings. The last few stranded Clouds rushed pass as if they were trying to win a race. The sun poured out through the clouds, like lava flowing out of a volcano. The warmth from the sun made a crack of ice appear on each and every window. The city looked like a jumble of patterns and shapes like a child had thrown his blocks around aimlessly and then swept them so close together they touch.The plane stumbled as the seatbelt sign flicked on. The stewardesses dashed around making sure everyone’s seatbelt is was done up. The wheels flicked out making the plane buzz. As soon as the wheel skimmed the tarmac the aeroplane shook as if there was an earthquake making everyone jolt side to side.  The seatbelt sign was turned off making people vault up to grab their hand luggage so they could get off swiftly. “Welcome to Heathrow I hope you enjoyed the flight. Thank you for flying with us.”


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