Assalamualaikum that the children especially girls are describing themselves

and hello everyone.

Nickelodeon-Yankelovicht Youth Monitor found that the children especially girls
are describing themselves as “flirtatious, sexy, trendy, athletic and
cool” as they reach 12. My topic today is
kids are “growing up” to fast in term of behavior. Convention on the Rights of
the Child (CRC) said a person that under the age of 18 years except those under
the law applicable under the child majority is called as a child. Nowadays, our
‘child’ is incomparable with the child older day like day and night.  Am I right? Their behavior, appearance, even
their attitude are just mismatched with their age. This is such bad phenomena.
There are some reason that lead to this
phenomena such as they are too immersed with technology which is television,
mobile phone or accessible to internet that unfortunately change their
childhood behavior.

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by watching television, a person especially children that are impressionable
might change their behavior based on the television program they are watching. Between
2004 and 2005, there are about 35% of children watch television for three or
more hours per day on average school day. In
a researcher study among 707 children over 17 year period found that the
subject are sexual acting out behavior after watching a sexual content in
television. In the other hand,
commercials program in television also affect our child behavior. As an
example, entertainment on stop smoking. The bad side is they are smoking
themselves, thus give the negative modelling to the children who are watching.
Hence, don’t be shocked if they change too
much in a short time if we never bar or limit their time or program for
watching television.

there are almost everyone include our 5 years old children have their own
mobile phone and maybe even more advanced than mine. What I am trying to say
is, they lack of experiencing the real world while being a children. If yesterday, we are playing football with our 2 leg at
the playground, now they are playing football only with their thumb at the
screen of their mobile phone. They are wasting their time on “playground” in
mobile phone while they forgot to be grateful for their friends. But, the worst is when they forgot about their parents.
Children in the past usually are cheesy with their parents and want attention
from them which is very different with nowadays children who want be lonely
with their gadgets especially mobile phone. Just if they know the feel of being
an adult who works and forcedly facing mobile phone almost every hour, they
will regret their lost time being a child.

but not least, Databank Indicators state that there are more than half children
at the age of three to 17 are using internet at home. For what use? I believe
one of the use of internet is to make sure they are always up to date by having
an application such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.It is just they are too
addicted to follow the newest trend posted in the media social. Their
appearance look as much as an adult with some make up and accessories. With the
look, they feel like it is not worth to playing in their neighborhood instead
of wasting time at the shopping mall. Moreover, children with unlimited access
to the internet may use the opportunity to discover something that should not be
discovered in their age. As an example, they can easily access to some
inappropriate things such as video of vandalism.  Access to internet just bad thing for the
children since they are the most affected by being used the internet.

As a conclusion, the modern technology has the power to change the
unforgettable childhood era into something that just make the children lost their
memories as a child. It clearly shows that the phenomenon of kids “growing up”
to fast is bad. They need to be themselves on the present age, makes a lot of memories
and appreciate it. No one tells them that the hardest part of motherhood is
when they, kids are grow up. That’s all from me. Thank you.


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