Chapter refresh its talent pool in support of the


and Discussion

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Human beings are continuously engaged in some activity or other
in order to satisfy their unlimited wants. Every day we come across the word
‘business’ or ‘businessman’ directly or indirectly. Business has become
essential part of modern world.

Business is about efficient
activity it’s all about regular productions and also distribution of all the
goods within the company or business all products that fulfil all the customer’s

Growing businesses face a range
of challenges. As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand
different solutions. Writing up this dissertation this provided me with a lot
of theoretical knowledge and also personal knowledge. This has all been an
experience for me writing up about how to be successful business and how to
achieve everything you need.

Collecting all the data for this
dissertation was not that difficult having it done on google forms it was easy
for all the people to access it online, however I would get a few responses,
contacting them to fil the in, if I could do this again I would defiantly think
I would do it on paper much more easier to collect all the information and then
analyse it quickly. To be successful it’s important to be sustainable this
often requires entrepreneurship and also innovation. Understanding
what has been done wrong and knows how to minimize the risks and challenges,
the independence, personal satisfaction and financial rewards you can achieve
as an entrepreneur mean that starting a small business could be the best
decision you’ll ever make.

Learning step by step throughout this
dissertation on starting or moving a business. Success rarely comes without
effort, so investing the necessary time and resources into the planning stages
of the business to create a stable and profitable company. Without the right
people, a business can’t grow and it certainly makes it difficult to keep it over
time. Business is about people and without the right people a business can’t
grow and mature. Oftentimes, this requires an organization to refresh its
talent pool in support of the organization’s business model and the unique
needs clients.

As part of the research, learning about how
to set up the business by learning about the industry and then defining the
target market. Defining ideal customers and then designing the business to
accommodate their needs. Also, thinking about all the values and let them
propel the evolution of the firm in many ways. When doing these things, will
offer important services to moving customers and a good workplace environment
for the employees. Writing up this dissertation about this topic made me set
realistic and measurable goals for my organization and decide how to define

I had received feedback from the questionnaire
that they found the questionnaire serious and that it was easy to understand
even if they did not have a business but when answering the questions it made
them think of a business. This was exactly what I wanted to reach a
questionnaire easy to understand for non-experts but that still goes deep in my
respondent’s understandings.

When doing this research a Few problems
have come across I didn’t have time in reading a lot of books but having online
page by the university I had a skim read of books and journals, this helped me
analayse all the data which was collected. This has been discovered to be a
good method as it helped me to move faster in the dissertation. So, I have met
some difficulties to sometimes understand some pieces of the information but
looking more in to it helped me understand the topic more particularly
concerning referencing. Also, I have used Wolverhampton Business School
Library’s documents such as ‘writing a literature reviews’ and Harvard referencing
‘that have proved to be of a valuable help.

Doing this dissertation it made me
realise how important it was to use learning styles using different resources
for writing up my dissertation I don’t often use to be interested in doing
this, but I have decided to carry on reading not only on the internet reading
more books and journals to get more knowledge on whatever I’m doing in the
future concerning my business area and be aware of arising trends. I believe
that reading newspapers and journals at least once a week will help me to
better understand what is going on in my business area and will lead me to
better anticipate.

This part helped me to do a self-reflect
on my own learning and performance that I would have probably not done if it
wasn’t an obligatory part of the dissertation.

Overall concluding the question Examination
into the Critical success factors that can influence and encourage business
growth and success. Critical success factor may sound complicated but it’s not
that hard, to be successful business the critical success factor must be
dynamic to the organization success. It should benefit the company or the
department as a whole, t should make sure they have high goals and also targets
to be achieved; it should link directly to business strategies.

I believe that all this would be
appreciated help to improve my skills for the future. I have discussed the
difficulties met during this degree and how I have succeeded to overcome them. To
conclude, I have made up an action plan to continue to progress my learning and
apply them in the future.


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