Marketing new product so that the public will know

Marketing plays a very important role in the success of any organization.Marketing according to Phillp Kotler is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others. One of the singles must important reasons for any organization success is marketing.Marketing is important to the organization because marketing has important role in building company reputation, know the customer needs and wants provide the goods and service.


Firstly,marketing has a very important role in building company’s reputations.Every impact on sales can give a good or even a bad reputations.Good marketer will know not just how to build a good reputations but also how to deal with a bad one as well. To keep its customer happy, organization must know trends and identifying changes.Marketing plays a more important role today than it ever did before in the past because consumer’s tastes are continually changing.For examples, Toyota had to recall thousands of cars for sticking accelerator issue and sales of Toyota cars have plummeted.To increase Toyota reputations,their CEO talked about how safe their cars are and responded with a number of television advertisements to shake off this negative image they obtained.

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Then,if organizations want to be successful, they need to understand customer needs and wants.By creating customer value and satisfaction it can building good customer relationship.Higher level of customer satisfaction leads to greater customer loyalty, which result in better company performance.Managers often make the mistake of looking at profits and sales when determining how successful the company.Organizations now recognize satisfied customer as a highly valued asset.


Marketing plays a key role in the sale of most goods and services.The company will get the help of marketers to introduce a company new product so that the public will know about it.Using the digital platform is the best way to introduce a new product because today we had a advance technology.Force customer to buy a new product is perhaps one of the hardest parts of marketing.The product would never be successful if companies let the customer find the product for themselves. is the largest online retailer in the world and they gets 15% from suggesting product to customers they buy or view a particular product.


It can be seen how important marketing is to an organization.Marketing responsible for building an organization reputations, understand customer needs and wants and plays a key role in the sale of most goods and services.Hope new company can research a new technique of marketing that can apply to their companies for building strong reputations.



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