Ngoc she realized that she was immovable between two

Ngoc Ha Anh Tran

January 30th, 2018

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Summary about “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan

In the story entitled “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, she
explains about the knowledge and awareness on the social and cultural
differences in “broken English” linked to standard English. As she loves
writing and she wants to share about how language can influence her life until
now. Nevertheless, this story that she shared about tells the readers about how
her background impacted her life, education and how she embraces it. In the
story, she develops her desire to become a writer through spending time with
her mother who spoke broken English. On the other hand, when she was
contributing a talk to the large group about her book “Joy Luck Club”, she
discovers herself that she delivered the message with complex English words.
While her mother was there to listen to her about her book, but then she was
worried that her mother could not understand what she had spoken about. As she
realized that she was immovable between two worlds which she has to speak in
two dimensions between her mother’s world and her friends. Even though she
tells the readers that a lot of her friends find it difficult to understand her
mother speaking, but for herself, she did not find it hard to communicate and
understand her mother because she used the language of her childhood that is
simple English.

“Mother tongue” is our first language, that is a very
beautiful present from your parent. It is not the origin of your nationality
but also the last land to nourish the culture. With the captivating and
humorous way of writing Amy Tan, a famous writer, has been written about her
personal story about two different version English that she uses. She has given
a very deep look into the difference in the same language- English and the
struggles that come along with it. Mother Tongue is an essay writing about
learning another language by the “mother tongue” way. Although we have our
first language, nonetheless having bilingual languages we have developing our
language skills, gaining more knowledge and enlarge opportunity.

English is a main language in the world, you can use
English to communicate with other people wherever they come from. According to
Amy Tan: “Sociologists and linguists probably will tell you that a person’s
developing languages skills are more influenced by peers.” (Tan, pg 365).
Developing our language skill is one of the scales to judge a person in life.
For instance, in my country- Viet Nam if you want to apply for a job, they will
judge you based on your education, experience, ability and English skills. Some
jobs they require English in order to convenient in working.

The more language you know, the more knowledge you
get. Amy Tan has been using the complex sentence to speak with other people when
her mother there which was made her mother wasn’t heard before. (Tan, pg. 362).
While at home, she always uses “broken” and choppy English to communicate with
her family, she never uses “a lengthy speech” to talk. As an international
student, English is also my second languages so my language also very “broken”.
I try my best to learn English to earn more knowledge in another subject at
school and communicate with other people.

Learning other language is one of the ways to find the
luck in your life. You may not know the lucky coming to you at any time and
sometimes you even did not respect that. According to Amy Tan: “Fortunately, I
happen to be rebellious in nature and enjoy the challenge of disproving
assumptions made about me. I became an English major my first year in college,
after being enrolled as pre-med”.By means that, I acknowledge everything that
she can persuade in the future through her education and social life. As we can
see from the story she was very intelligent and smart to imposed the objective
of her mind fullness knowledge.

In conclusion, from the story of Amy Tan, we can
conclude that she maintains and develops languages skills bravely in order to
comprehend the two world between her mother and her friend in her surroundings.
Other than that she was gaining so much knowledge about languages and
experience from her education. Mean a while she has a lot of opportunities to
start and enlarge her career as a writer. Based on her story we can learn from
her intelligent of getting to know more about other languages to keep our
global in the successful future world.














Tan, 50 essay, 2009








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