Patrick don’t cite it. Self plagiarism is when you

Patrick Bucci
Mrs. Curtis
Writing I, Period J
24 January 2018
Plagiarism Webquest
Use information you find on the internet to answer questions and complete the tasks below. Write your answers on this sheet, but apply proper MLA formatting.  Be sure to cite your sources. Do so by adding the URL at the end of each entry. You must PARAPHRASE the information you have found.  Each entry for #s1-7 MUST have a URL.  All responses must be in your own words, and bolded. 

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is the stealing of someone else’s work without giving any credit to them (
What types of plagiarism exist? The types of plagiarism are direct plagiarism, self plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, and accidental plagiarism. Direct plagiarism is when you write the exact words the author wrote as your own and you don’t cite it. Self plagiarism is when you use your old or previous work without approval from your teacher. Mosaic plagiarism is when you copy a source and replacing them with similar words or words the author would use. Accidental plagiarism is when you make a mistake in your citation or quote ( 
What legal punishments can those convicted of plagiarism face in America? The legal punishments that someone convicted of plagiarism can face are having to pay a fee, may face jail time with community service, and may be prosecuted because of copyright laws (
What is “common knowledge?” Give an example. Common knowledge is something that is known by most people and can be reliable without having to do research ( An example of this is knowing that when you mix red and blue it makes purple.
What is “cryptomnesia”? Give an example. Cryptomnesia is when you think you have a new idea but you have heard of the idea before ( An example of this is when you think have a new invention and you go to patent it and it turns out there is something just like it.
Give two or three sentence summary as to how works. Be sure to include how a teacher will use it in a classroom. is a website that allows you to turn in your paper, through the website, to check any plagiarism. The website will also improve your writing by providing webcasts and podcasts. Teachers typically use this website to see if any of their students have plagiarized (
What is your school’s policy on cheating/ plagiarizing? (Hint: It’s in the student handbook!) The school’s policy on if you are caught cheating or plagiarizing is broken up into three offenses. The first offense states that the student will receive an automatic zero on the assignment, test or quiz, an academic referral will be given  and will be passed on to the Dean of Academics and recorded in the Office of Student Services, and a notification will be sent to the parents from the teacher. The second offense states that the student will receive an automatic zero on the assignment, an academic referral that will be signed by the student that will be passed on to the Dean of Academics and recorded in the Office of Student Services, and an academic contract will have to be signed by the student and parent. The third offense states the student will receive an academic referral that will be given to the Dean of Academics and will be recorded in the Office of Student Services, the student will receive a zero for that course for the quarter, the student will be suspended until the parent has a conference with the administration, and AMHS has the right to ask the student to leave (

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Personal Response (Does not require citation.)

What do you think about the AMHS plagiarism policy explained in number seven? Do you think this is fair?  I think the AMHS plagiarism policy is fair because plagiarism is an act of stealing and therefore you should receive punishment for it iffy when you are caught.

Why do you think some students cheat? Why do you think AMHS students might cheat? I think some students cheat because they are lazy and don’t what to put in the time to get good grades. I think AMHS students might cheat because, at AMHS there is a lot more to be expected of you like good grades and a good GPA, makings students pressured to cheat or plagiarize.
Why do teachers always make cheating and plagiarism such a big deal? I think teachers make cheating and plagiarism a big deal because it is a form of stealing. If the teacher don’t address this problem then the students will do it in the future and get in more trouble then they would in high school.
What concerns might a cheater/plagiarizer have if/when they are caught? What is their best course of action if/when confronted by the teacher? The concerns that a cheater or plagiarizer might have if or when they are caught are getting an academic referral, an automatic zero on whatever they are doing, and possibly a bad reputation throughout the school with their other teachers. Their best course of action when confronted by the teacher is to admit what they did and don’t lie about it because the teacher might lay off on the punishments and take only a few points off.
What, in your opinion, is the single best method of avoiding plagiarism? Why? The single best method of avoiding plagiarism is to get it checked by a teacher, gaurdian, or plagiarism checker online. I think this is the best method of avoiding plagiarism because it is better for it to be checked before you turn it in so you know you don’t get an automatic zero.
When do you think should the rules against plagiarizing be taught to students? Why that grade/age? I think that the rules against plagiarizing should be taught to student in the beginning of sixth grade because that’s when high schools start looking at the students grades and GPA.

Plagiarism or Not?
(Decide whether the following scenarios are plagiarism. Explain why or why not. State what type of plagiarism is used, and what the consequences at AMHS would be. Does not require citation.)

Tiffany writes a paper for Ms. Albanese’s AP Literature course. She uses ten sources from Gale Databases to be very thorough. She gets a little carried away citing one or two sentences with the wrong source from a different part of her paper. Yes, this is plagiarism but it is accidental plagiarism. I feel that Tiffany shouldn’t get the full punishment but will probably get a notification from teacher to parent.

Katie has a lot going on this week. She has a paper on famous civil rights activitists in Mr. Colegrove’s class due on Friday, a unit exam for Mr. Sandoe on Thursday (of course it’s J period, so it’s first), and Mrs. Chriswisser keeps giving nightly calculus homework. On Wednesday night she asks Maria to slide her hers since she doesn’t have time to show her work. Yes, this is plagiarism, this is direct plagiarism because Katie copied off her friends answers and since she did that she deserve full punishment of the AMHS plagiarism policy, first offense.
Daniel has written a paper on King George III for Ms. Crews’ English class. He then must write a paper for Mrs. Murphy’s AP Govt course. He reuses one page from his English-class paper. Yes, this is plagiarism, this is self plagiarism he uses his own work in a different assignment therefore, Daniel should receive full punishment of the AMHS plagiarism policy, first offense.
Alani is working on her research paper at Jamba Juice so she just keeps saving her sources to her Google Drive to cite everything at the end when she’s done. She goes home writes the paper, and realizes she can’t find one of the sources she used, but definitely knows the information is accurate. She uses it anyway. This is accidental plagiarism because Alani left out information. Alani will probably not receive full punishment of the AMHS plagiarism policy, first offense, because she did only leave out one thing.
Jared copies a painting of a tiger for by a famous living artist from an art magazine. He then enters the art work in a competition Ms. Hansen is having at school, he does such a good job he even winds up winning! This is direct plagiarism because Jared copies the exact painting and enters the painting as his own. Once Ms. Hansen finds out Jared will probably receive full punishment of the AMHS plagiarism policy, first offense.

Real World Application
(Please answer in a brief paraphrased paragraph. Requires Citation.)

Research the following individuals and detail (in three to four sentences) what happened to ONE of the following people. Include any consequences they may have encountered, and what your personal take on the situation is (do you think it’s fair, was the result too harsh/ not harsh enough, etc.) 

Jonah Leher: Jonah Lehrer is an author that was a staff writer for The New Yorker until he was convicted of plagiarism. As we know, Jonah was convicted of plagiarism because, he had plagiarized information in his business he did for Wired, he also reused his blogs he had done for The New Yorker, and took quotes form Bob Dylan and made them his own in a book he wrote. The consequences he faced were being fired and being forgotten from the position of staff writer. I do think these consequences are fair for the  situation, because he did plagiarize multiple sources (
Kaavya Viswanathan
Jayson Blair: 

Choose one Florida college, and explain their academic integrity/ plagiarism/ cheating policies. Include the consequences (short and long term), who decides if cheating has occurred, and how it’s defined. At Stetson University in DeLand Florida, the school follows an Honor System. If you are accused of violating the Honor system you are sent into a hearing and a member of the Honor System Council is sent to find out if the student has plagiarized or cheated. If a student convicted of violates the Honor System the short-term consequences will be that they will receive a lower grade then they would’ve gotten, they will have to write an apology letter, clear up any complications from plagiarizing, they will have to meet with their academic adviser,  and will receive a failing grade for the course. The long-term consequences will be suspension or expulsion (


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