Razan Palestine have several impacts on its economy, political

 Razan TamimiDr. Suha HindiyehAnthropology and Sociology of Development1st Jan 2018Self Determination: Empower Youth and Women in PalestineAs the argument still there whether Palestine suffers from humanitarian crises caused by the Israeli occupation, or a country which have internal backwardness and needs sustainable development,  it is obvious that the denials for Palestinians rights call for more than humanitarian assistance (food, shelter, water, health services…etc).  Implementing projects that aim to provide the Palestinians with more access to health, education, food, and employability is not sufficient measurement for Palestine development. This organization aims through its projects to work with the Palestinian people, empowering them to know their rights, recognize power structure and challenge it.Help Palestinians to recognize this power that denials their rights, marginalized them as indigenous, exploit their resources is one part of the organizational challenges. Palestinians have to be equipped with the needed knowledge of their rights, tools that enable them to analyze their society’s problems, and knowledge of problems root causes.In this strategy, the organization’s two objectives are in the areas of youth empowerment, and women empowerment.  Each objective has activities under it. However, it is important to keep a distance for flexibility as it may change over time. This is due to the nature of the Palestinian context.  The organization takes the Human Based Approach (HRBA) as a basis for work with the Palestinian people, empowering them to challenges the power over (Israel), and supporting their resistance. CONTEXT ANALYSIS Palestine has a unique situation as it is still under the Israeli military occupation. Israel actions on Palestine have several impacts on its economy, political issues, and on social and cultural trends.  The Palestinians are deprived of their right to make decisions that affect their lives as one society. Having access to the basic need like water, and food, using your land, investing your money, and several other activities are all controlled by the Israeli occupation.  The lack of making decisions ability is a mark in the Palestinian lives.Despite the fact that the government period of the Palestinian authority has been ended eight years ago, it is still accepted as a part of the international community. However, the Palestinian right of choosing a government to be ruled with is completely neglected. It is worth to mention that the Palestinian authority is based upon the foreign aids to the Palestinian people.  The Israeli occupation exploits thousands of acres of lands, and takes control over area C which represents 60% of the total lands. Moreover, it is taking control of raw material and natural resources. Arresting ten thousands of Palestinian youth, having checkpoints, and killing others are all actions are taken by the Israeli military forces towards the Palestinians.   Being under the Israeli occupation and suffering from all these actions results to have youth and women as a marginalized group in their society. It is not just the political effect the result to marginalize them, but it is some deeply rooted values in the Palestinian culture and values. The patriarchal society is not just to take the lead by the men over women in the Palestinian society, but to have the elderly ruling the youth.  Youth have to follow the rules that are taken by the old father, brother, grandfather, or uncle. There is a kind of sanctification for the old people in the Palestinian society, preventing the youth and women to have their right in taking decisions and have a voice in any issue that affects them as citizens in this society. Vision: equitable and sustainable Palestine in which citizens have equal rights, freedom and vanishes all forms of inequality Mission: To have gender equality, political, economic and social justice by working with people who are suffering from exclusion in their communities.  Values:Equality and Respect: Have a respect for all people despite all their differences in gender, color, religion. Ensure equality and justice for all people.Transparency: Having accountability for all the actions and accept judgments and keep good communication with all the sides.Independence: Being independent of any political affiliation or religion. WHO IS THIS ORGANIZATION WORKING WITH? This organization is working with marginalized groups in the Palestinian society like youth and women. These people who suffer from external power (Israel) and internal power (their society). Youth are considered the most important group in any society, as they are seen the future and the agents of change. One dimensional focus of organization work will be supporting Palestinian youth, equipping them with the needed knowledge of their rights and the current power structure, and the needed skills that enable them to take a systematic action that challenges this power structure. As the organization aims to work with most vulnerable and marginalized people, Palestinian women is another target for it. Women in Palestine are exposed to rights denial by their society at the first stage, and by authority policies and practices on the second stage, and by the occupation forces as all other Palestinians. They suffer from gender discrimination from families, and organizations as they live in a patriarchal society which is holding social and cultural attitudes. Women rights violations in the social, political, and economic sides must be recognized by the women themselves. The organization will help women to recognize their rights also, believing that they are important agent change in the Palestinian society. HOW DOES THE ORGANIZATION WORK?             As the organization is working with most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the Palestinian society, it believes that marginalization and inequality will vanish as soonas those who suffer from rights violations take charge and act to claim their rights. Empowerment is a main tool in the organization work. It is based on assisting Palestinian youth and women to understand why and who their rights are being denied. Moreover, supporting them to take systematic actions that help them to claim their rights and enjoying it. This process of struggling for rights will enable these marginalized people to become right activists, challenging their powerlessness. They will be able to recognize their inner power which will give them the ability to face the power over if it is social, economic, or any other power).            Changing policies regarding the situation of the Palestinian women and youth, needs  systematiccampaigns, calling for political, economic, and social change. These campaigns aim to call the attention of those who are holding authorities into account and have a public opinion. Palestinian women and youth will be supported to advocate for their rights, demanding a change in the current policies. Implementing systematic campaigns will punctuate the importunacy of these issues and the recognition of women and youth rights violation in Palestine, building a local and international solidarity networks.                      Sustainability of work is what the organizations aim for. Having a change in the long run in the life of Palestinian women and youth is the key to have equality and better future then. The organization seeks to have sustainable solutions for the political, economic, and social rights of Palestinian women and youth, knowing their obligations towards their society, and demanding for their rights through several systematic actions. ORGANIZATION MISSIONS OBJECTIVES             The first objective is to enhance women political, social, and economic participation in Palestine. Palestinian women participation in political and economic sides is very low. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the percentage of working women in is 19% in 2017, which is considered one of the lowest in the world. It is also obviously seen that Palestinian women are not involved in making decisions process and policy formation. However, the debate goes around having policies that preserve women’s right in economic and political life. The current practices do not preserve any right.               The organization will work to ensure that women are able to acknowledge their rights, demanding for a long run policies and practices change. This will make them able to have a better current livelihood and sustain a better future for Palestine. Also, the organization will work to enhance women leadership abilities. This will be done through increasing their confidence to face power structure. Ensure women getting their rights and enjoying it will be also through having several partnerships with other organization working in the same field and seek to achieve same objectives. Having partnerships will to have sustainability in the work and be beneficial as each one can be introduced for the past experiences and the lessons of the other organizations. There will be support for local development processes which will be done through community planning, believing that the ones who are affected by the problem can have a better solution for it.             The second mission objective is to ensure full political, social, and economic participation for Palestinian youth.  Having youth as a marginalized group in their Palestinian society is due to lack of power, and not because they are less than the youth in any developed country.  The organization will achieve this objective mission through several actions. These actions can be summarized by, ensure youth participation in political process, and hold authorities into account. This will be preceded by equipping them with knowledge about their rights through several pieces of training. Support the Palestinian youth in any systematic action (Campaign, youth initiative, entrepreneurship,,,etc), which addresses any right violations for them. The organization will support civil society movements regarding youth participation in the decision-making process and policy formation. Partnership with other organizations working in the same field will be done to have better outcomes and sustainability.            In conclusion, this strategy is a long run commitment by the organization to work with and for the Palestinian most marginalized and vulnerable groups to gain their rights and enjoy it, having a better future. The organization will focus on enhancing women and youthleadership in Palestine to be able to demand their rights and challenge power structure, calling for the long-term change in the policies and practices.                  


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