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ENGL 100

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The Ghost Box

Ghost hunting is both fun and exciting. It can be disturbing and it’s not for everyone. Maybe you just want to do this for yourself as a hobby or maybe you want to provide services for a client who needs some documentation or somehow to witness and document the activity so they could maybe have some questions answered. The ghost hunting combo kit comes with a set of paranormal equipment.  It’s a completely unproven science as with anything really in this field but ‘Ghost Box’ is a product that most paranormal investigators will use.


The EMF meter is the most useful device in the kit. The EMF stands for the electromagnetic field. The theory behind this piece of equipment is that when a spirit tries to manifest or is close by it will cause disruption to the electromagnetic field and supposedly that will then be picked up by this device. It got a baseline reading of zero.  There’s a number of outside influences that can cause this to activate. Things like fire escape signs, fuse boxes and certainly where we spend a lot of our time in old buildings. The wiring that runs through the walls and the floorboard can really cause this to activate. That’s why it’s very important prior to starting any investigation that baseline checks are carried out for the room you’re in. This usually involves one member of the team walking around the room with this device and just checking for any natural background readings.


We can then make sure that the device is positioned well enough away from the equipment that’s causing it to activate. There are other natural things that can cause this to activate as well. For example, a mobile phone receives push notifications and when they’re receiving data, it will cause the EMF meter to activate. The idea behind this is again baseline checks. When you go into the room you can check the temperature, the walls, the ceiling, the floor and you can even turn the laser off so it recalls an ambient temperature. Then if during an investigation you get a cold spot, which is another phenomenon or the associated with Paranormal Activity you can retake the temperature and then you can analyze this later on and see if you actually got any real hard evidence of any temperature drops.  So that’s quite a useful piece of kit for ghost hunting.


The kit also comes with a digital voice recorder. The idea behind this is that you record during a vigil, maybe ask some questions and try to capture what we call EVP, which is electronic voice phenomenon. That’s a voice that you don’t hear at the time but some reason shows up when you’re doing your evidence review and it’s widely believed to be spirit voices. Sometimes you can actually ask direct questions and hear yes or no sounds on your video or on the audio recordings at a later date. It is a quite fascinating part of the paranormal research.


The ghost box also has a RAW DIV receiver. It uses detuned diode radio receivers to record white noise. Another part of the radio wave, which is been associated with EVP research, has a microphone on it and has a red push-to-talk button on the side. The idea is that when you push the red button, it activates the microphone and cuts out the white noise. You can then ask your question to the ghost or spirit or whatever.  You record the white noise and listen for an answer from the paranormal beings.


We have another tool in the ghost box. The kit includes a nondescript ghost digital camera. This one is known as a hybrid camera. It is a special adaption and it only takes still photographs in the infrared light spectrum. If you take a photograph using this camera without a source of infrared light then you’ll just get a black picture. Infrared lighting and full spectrum lighting using the light spectrums can’t be seen by human eye. It is another popular form of research in the paranormal field. Believe it or not, this camera has taken serious shreds of evidence of the existence of ghosts. It comes in handy when the ghost or spirit starts to play tricks on you and you end up having this mini portable device to record some solid evidence. It’s something that a few people experiment with in the paranormal field.



The ghost box is ideal if you’re using it in a room where you’ve had reports of ghostly footsteps you can leave this in a room, maybe locked off with one of our voice recorders here and if you pick up any vibrations on the floor it will activate and sets off a really nice loud alarm.


The kit also includes a sonic ear amplifier. This is basically a personal ear amplifier. It boosts the background noise so you can hear everything that’s going on. It’s not uncommon for members of the team’s using these to report hearing real-time EVP so if you’ve got a spirit voice recorder, you’ll likely hear it afterwards but for some reason, you can hear the phenomenon as it happens through these sound amplifiers. It is in its early development and testing stage but has gathered proof of some pretty useful results so far.


The ghost box has got a full channel digital video recorder this one is help for evidence reviews use it’s playing some video from a recent investigation. It has four channels we’re only using two on this occasion and it uses a CCTV camera very much like this one. There is also a custom built laptop for EVP analysis. If a team member believes they’ve got an EVP or maybe some strange footsteps resound it through and the user can analyze it using this program. Now the results are not altered or doctored in any way other than to amplify the sound of the EDP and to reduce the background hiss and bring out the noise.


In conclusion, with the increasing number of paranormal sightings and reports from around the world, the ‘Ghost Box’ will make an impact to explore the mystical happenings around us. While it’s getting dark outside and you are having a cup of coffee while reading this, the ghastly spirits are watching you. Now might be a good time to order a Ghost Box. Beware! 


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