The design as well as by using 3D printing

The first 3D printer was designed in 1984.3D printing technology developing rapidly. In this technology, materials are used layer by layer and for this reason, this technology is different from other available technologies (Mortara et al., 2009). Different types of material are available for printing, for example, ceramics, carbon, graphene, porcelain, stainless, steel, plastics, titanium (EY global 3D printing Report,2016). All these materials allow organizations to be more productive (ibid). Printing is used in various fields of engineering, education, military, fashion, architecture, computer, medical, and construction industry (ibid). Changes brought about by the 3D printing is that these do not just impact the internal operations of the companies but also change externally. The change caused by 3D printing inside the company is it change its manufacturing process, reduce time and cost as well. This technology is growing rapidly and in 2015 market size of 3D Printing was US$5.1 billion (Wohler’s Report,2016). It is estimated 5.7 million 3D printers will be purchased every year in 2019 (Gartner Research). Reason for this is 3D printing help in developing complex design as well as by using 3D printing company can improve the quality and durability of their product (Gartner Research). There are many advantages of 3D printing, but the most important advantage is it reduces time and effort of the employee in an organization. It also improves the traditional manufacturing process for example in the old process final object was created by drilling and cutting.But in 3d printing, you do not need to use different tools for cutting, printer scan your design and use multiple layers of material to create any complex object.Another reason for the adoption of 3d printing in an organization is during production process the material used in multiple layers so the chance of wasting material is reduced as compared to the traditional manufacturing process.

This essay Analyse changes cause by 3D printing to the organization internally and how Organization needs to manage the change caused by 3D Printing to survive in the changing environment. First, this essay includes change management definition and literature review and then change management Theories. After that one of the relevant Change theory is applied to the case of Widex hearing aid to observe changes caused by 3d printing in an organization. The Case Analysis will show and discuss the gaps that are left in the implementation of 3D printing. Finally, a science fiction story discusses to find the solution for this gap and through this solution, the organization can improve the process.

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The aim of this easy is to understand how widex can change and improve its internal process by using 3D printing to better understand its customer needs and requirements. To achieve this, aim the objective of this essay is:

1.    To understand how 3d printing impacted internal process of organization

2.    Determine how 3d printing changes provide better value to customers and businesses

3.    Recommend future progress in the adoption of 3D printing in Hearing aid industry through the science fiction story.


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