There the death penalty should be legalized in Turkey.

has been a lot of discussions about the implementation of the death penalty. Some
countries such as United States, North Korea and China have implemented it and
some countries have not. While
some people find this ultimate punishment awful, others believe that the
criminals such as murderers and rapists deserve this punishment. There are
still endless controversies about the implementation of the death penalty in
Turkey and some political leaders declared that the death penalty should be legalized
in Turkey. However, the death penalty should not be
implemented because it is not very helpful to deal with the crime problems and
it comes with a lot of disadvantages.

            Firstly, it is not possible to see
any clue that the capital punishment decreases the rate of crime. A report by the National Research Council, titled
Deterrence and the Death Penalty, declared that the death penalty has not any
disincentive effect on murder rates and therefore it should not be used when accomplishing
political decisions. According to the
FBI Uniform Crime Report in 2016, the south region of the United States had the
highest murder rate even though the south took part for over 80% of the
application of the capital punishments. However, The Northeast region of the
United States took part for less than 1% of all executions even though the
Northeast had the lowest murder rate in the United States. In brief, all of
the states which do not have the death penalty as a punishment, have the lower
murder rates than the states which have the death penalty. For a further
example, Jamaica and Guatemala are the two countries that have one of the
highest murder rates in the world even though they have the death penalty as a
punishment system.

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            Secondly, law does not handle
everything perfectly and there may be some crucial mistakes in law. An innocent
person can get death penalty and he/she can be executed without any reason. For example, an American man named
Carlos DeLuna was found guilty for murdering someone. The court decided to give
him a death penalty and ultimately he got executed. After 23 years later, it
was understood that he was actually innocent and he was executed for nothing.
For another example for those innocent executions is an another American named
Ruben Cantu. The court of Texas gave him the capital punishment when he was
just 17 years old because of a murder, which he did not actually commit. The
truth revealed after 12 years of his death. It is statistically proven that the
more than 4% of the suspects who sentenced to death are apparently innocent in
the United States. There are a lot of examples about those executions of the
innocent people and it shows us how cruel the death penalty is and why we
should not implement it.

Thirdly, suspects who are poor and
do not have the enough money to hire a proper lawyer could be sentenced to
death because of their weak, inadequate defence in the court. It can cause a huge problem
for the lower class and it is also against the principle of equality because there
will be no equal chance for the death penalty suspects to whether live or die
in the court. While the guilty suspects from upper class can get away with the
crimes they did as a result of their forceful defences done by their powerful
lawyers, the suspects who are actually innocent but poor can be found guilty
and sentenced to death because they could not afford to hire a lawyer to make a
forceful defence in favour of themselves.

Forthly, In the states which are not independent and non-neutral, in
other words the states which do not have the separation of powers, the potency
which keeps the both enforcement and the judgement in its hands, can push the
society to monotony and totalitarianism by the forceful death penalty orders
that they give. In the communities where the justice and the law do not work,
the commodification and the loss of the effectiveness of these concepts can
lead the court of justice to take the easy way out with the closing of
non-closing files with a death sentence without any research and investigation.
The disadvantages of the death penalty in terms of people can be further
expanded. But in general, the things described in above provides sufficient
information on why the death penalty should not be implemented. In addition,
the government of Turkey has accepted the ban of the death penalty as a subject
of the European Council in the European Human Rights Conventions. Therefore,
the implementation of the death penalty in Turkey will lead Turkey to be
excluded by the other European states and the Turkey’s entry into the European
Union will be impossible.

Some might say that “People who commit crimes such as
murder and rape should be killed. They should get what they deserve.” However,
it is not a proper way to find a solution to the crime problems. While the
court of justice executes someone for committing crimes, it also tempts and
encourages people to believe that killing is a good way to take revenge.
Because of that belief, someone whose parents or friends got any harm may
become furious and he/she can try to harm or kill the suspect while they are still
on investigation processes.

            Opposing views claim that “The death penalty is cheaper than any
other punishment because otherwise, you have to feed the murderer throughout
his life.” In fact, the death penalty
is actually far more expensive than imprisonment because of the lengthy appeals
processes. Some cases took more than 5 years and when the court and the judge
expenses and the lawyer costs are considered, it is not so hard to understand
that a death penalty case costs a lot more than imprisonment.

In conclusion, there is no statistical study that has given us
any reason to believe that the death penalty reduces the crime rate. In fact,
countries with the death penalty have the highest rates of crime.


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