“Whoever Creon emphasizes to his son that a father’s

“Whoever brings ruin on their family will inherit only wind, and the fool will be servant to the wise”, Proverbs 11:29. In the play, “Antigone”, author Sophocles shows that he believes family is more important than authority, for example how is Creon banning the proper burial of polyneices making it a death penalty to whoever buries him but against all odds, Antigone rises up and does the good for family and buries her brother. Antigone rather risk her life than to disrespect her brother and dishonor her family. Family is more important to Sophocles because it is shown when Antigone was breathing her final breaths she refuses to be obedient to the law and rather give her brother a proper burial. Another example to show that family is more important to Sophocles is when Haemon give his life up to protect his wife from the law and defy the law.  She repeatedly articulates that she must heed to please “those who are dead” (pg 77). While talking to Haemon Creon emphasizes to his son that a father’s decision should be first, Creon says “Everything else shall be second to your father decisions” (pg 640-641), these examples claims that Sophocles proves that family is more important than authority even what would you pick if you have to give up your family or obey a law?”Antigone” is a very touchy and emotional story because Antigone loses her own life while Creon loses his niece, his son and his wife. Creon wanted to let Antigone go free but he wanted Antigone to pay for breaking law but at the end Creon decides to free Antigone, he does it because of her love for her. “died/ He gathered Antigone closes his arms again” (Exodus 241). So, the quote basically describing the love between Haemon and Antigone. These examples definitely proves that Sophocles believes that family is more important than authority. Not just in the play Antigone but even in real life Family is more important than law.In the conclusion, Antigone is tragic play by making characters to pick  a hard decision between family and law while Sophocles decides to pick family. Antigone risks her own life to bury her brother Polyneices and didn’t obeyed the law which was the right decision to make. Family has more importance than law in life. For example, if you are going through some problems in your life not law is going to help you family is the one who is going to stand with you and support  you. So, Sophocles believes that family is more important than authority in the play.


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